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Hartmut Häffner

Office Location: 301H, Physics South
Office Phone: (510) 664-4299
Lab Phone: (510) 664-4296

I like to experiment with the quantum information stored in trapped ions. I lead now a group sharing the same passion. In my previous life, I measured how strong electric fields change the magnetic moment of the electron, studied quantum chaos, ran quantum gates, characterized entangled states, and teleported quantum information over 10 micrometers. Notable current achievements of my group are ultra low-noise ion traps, 3D-printed ion traps, control over a quantum rotor, and trapped elecrons.

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Claire Legas

Administrative Assistant

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Erhan Saglamyurek

Project Scientist

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Neha Yadav


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Elia Perego


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Qiming Wu



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Neil Glikin

Grad Student

I love being able to see the effects of quantum mechanics on a tabletop, as well as just learning and discovering how the universe works. I enjoy exploring the bay area, video games, and making lists.

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Nicole Greene

Grad Student

Having previously worked on the local Lorentz invariance experiment, I now spend my time studying the noise sensitivity of entanglement gates. Outside the lab I enjoy exploring San Francisco, watching films, and hiking.

Photo of Qian Yu

Qian Yu

Grad Student

I'm interested in the physical realization of quantum computation and techniques of ion trapping, and I like to explore the quantum dynamics of strongly interacting systems including coherent evolution and decoherence. Outside the lab I like traveling, reading, cooking and playing board games.

Photo of Shuqi Xu

Shuqi Xu

Grad Student

My research interests lie in tackling challenges towards scalable trapped ion quantum computers, as well as the emergent physics revealed in such quantum system. When not in the lab, I enjoy traveling, playing video games, watching and playing soccer.

Photo of Ben Saarel

Ben Saarel

Grad Student

Photo of Ryan Tollefsen

Ryan Tollefsen

Grad Student

Photo of Justin Phillips

Justin Phillips

Grad Student

Photo of Izze Sacksteder

Izze Sacksteder

Grad Student

I’m Izze and I majored in math and physics at Willamette University in Salem Oregon. I joined the Häffner group to work on the electron trap project and I’m particularly interested in cooling electrons in a Paul trap using a tank circuit. In my free time I like gardening and going to shows to see local Bay Area bands.

Photo of Bingran You

Bingran You

Grad Student

Photo of Ozgur Sahin

Ozgur Sahin

Grad Student

Photo of Yu-Lung Tang

Yu-Lung Tang

Grad Student

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Group Alumni

Alberto Alonso Research Scientist at PsiQuantum
Joseph Broz Research Scientist at HRL Laboratories
Sumanta Khan Post-Doc at Aarhus University
Ryan Shaffer Applied Scientist at Amazon
Sara Mouradian Assistant Professor of ECE, University of Washington
Da An Systems Engineer at Aeva
Wei-Ting Chen  
Eli Megidish Physicist at Atom Computing
Clemens Matthiesen Senior Scientist at Oxford Ionics
Maya Berlin-Udi Materials Engineer at Cellino Biotech
Crystal Noel Assistant Professor of Physics, Duke University
Erik Urban Electrical Engineer at Exponent
Alex Chuang NSF Fellow, PhD Student at Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Boerge Hemmerling Assistant Professor of Physics, UC Riverside
Soenke Moeller Senior Research Engineer at Cutera
Dylan Gorman Physicist at Honeywell Quantum Solutions
Philipp Schindler Staff Scientist at Innsbruck University, Austria
Nikos Daniilidis Data Scientist at Credit Karma
Anthony Ransford Physicist at Honeywell Quantum Solutions, was PhD Student at UC Los Angeles
Michael Ramm Data Science Manager at Netflix
Thaned (Hong) Pruttivarasin Lecturer at Mahidol University, Thailand

Ishan Talukdar Brian Timar Thilo van Hoevel Ahmed Adelrahman Omid Khosravani
Sankara Narayanan Josselin Bernardoff Christian Zimmer Ryan Blais Ross Hutson
Charles Paul Kai Krimmel Lorenzo Leandro Mark Kokish Sebastian Gerber
Greg Bolloten Daniel Tatum Ian Hayes Calvin Lau Axel Kreuter
Oliver Neitzke Boyan Tabakov Sam Fendell Kelsey Johnsen Nathan Poon
Jiachen Yang Isabela Le Bras Todd Karin Andy Li Cheong Yiu Chris Overstreet
Gebhard Littich Sean Arifin David Gee Christopher Reilly Alex Georges
Jessica Yu Andre He Thomas Lloyd Zhao Zhang Nadav Drechsler
Lara Ostertag Samuel Cui Tim Guo Simone Bibawi Simon Mayr
Shijia Sun Sun Ximo Yi Zhu Emiliia Dyrenkova Peter Tirler
Shreya Nagpal Berkelly Gonzalez Weiwei Wu Zuoyao Chen  
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