High Optical Access Trap

Ion trap and rendering of experimental apparatus Diagram of trapping regions
Illustration of experimental setup, including the HOA trap from Sandia, the feedthrough and support assembly, and the available trapping regions.

Key features:

Entangle Long Chains of Ions (STAQ)

Illustration of pairwise gates on distant ions
Entangling long chains of ions using pairwise Mølmer-Sørensen gates on distant ions and ion shuttling.
Illustration of ion chain splitting
Splitting and shuttling entangled states. Measure Bell violation (CHSH) to test entanglement robustness to ions' shuttling.

Spectator Qubits (MURI)

Using Calcium-40 as logical qubit, we have two options for spectator qubit:

Illustration of usage of spectator qubits
Fast B-field fluctuation compensation by measuring spectator qubits and adjusting laser frequency.
Illustration of sympathetic cooling
Sympathetic cooling on spectator ions' motional modes to cool logical qubits.